Bijapur Water Heritage

Bijapur Water Heritage 1

Documentation of the water heritage of Bijapur

Location: Bijapur, Karnataka

Time Period: December 2016 – May 2016

Clients: Indian Heritage Cities Network- Foundation, Bangalore

Bijapur District Administration – Principal client

A multitude of hydraulic structures worked in different combinations to tap, convey and thus, cater to the water requirements of Bijapur in the historic times. Today, decades of neglect, lost knowledge and fast paced developments have nearly destroyed the functioning of the waterworks as a holistic network. GN Heritage Matters, as consultants, assisted Indian Heritage Cities Network- Foundation in conducting an intensive survey of the historic waterworks, to identify and map the network, study its overall status and understand the feasibility of its revival.

Bijapur Water Heritage 2
Bijapur Water Heritage 3